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jeffhornyboi said: Do you get that "craving" like I do, the one where all you want is ur pussy filled with cock and cum? I'm always horny but sometimes just need that non-stop pounding and cum/piss loads.

Dude… This describes my entire life. All I ever have is cravings for my holes to get wrecked. Constantly.


wildcatfanatic said: Love your slutty antics. Would you ever suck out a load from another cumdump's hole as you're being fucked? As a top, that'd make me so hard, I'd prolly shoot again.

If told to…yes SIR.


mikowylde said: I took five loads today and my career as a cumdump has only just started and I have you to thank for giving me the inspiration and courage to do what I was born to do! Thank you !

You’re welcome & be sure to check in regularly and share your journey. It is through experiences like yours that others will find inspiration too.


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SUBMISSION: Got Two Loads Tonight

Got some loads tonight

A few days ago, one of my hot buds asked me to stop by his place tonight so we could fuck. I wasn’t sure if I would be able to because of other obligations, but it ended up working out. So, before I headed over there, I posted a CL ad that called out for hosting tops. I wanted to get my bud’s load and then go around the city and take some more from other tops. The thought of driving around the city with a cummy ass, going from one top to the next really got me hard.

While I was on my way to my bud’s house, a top emailed me and wanted to fuck me after I had at least one other load in my ass. BINGO! I went to my bud’s house and he bred my ass FULL of cum! After a little closing small talk, I was on my way to meet the next top. The thing is, he wanted to meet at the CVS near his place. He is married, so I guess he felt like a public place was best to meet first. He asked me what I was wearing (red b-ball shorts with no underwear, blue sleeveless T-shirt, and a ball cap), which I told him. I asked him what he was wearing, but he didn’t say, but asked me to let him know when I was about 10 min from the CVS. When I was 10 min away, I emailed him, and then went on to the CVS and went inside. When I got inside, he emailed and said he was close.

As I was reading the email, a very hot guy who is a clerk asked me if he could help me with anything. He was to my left and was walking toward me, and I said: “No, I’m fine, thanks…” He kept walking forward like he was going to walk in front of me and keep on going, but when he was right in front of me, he aggressively brushed his hand into my loosely swinging cock. Then, he walked around to the other side of the aisle so he was facing me.

At that moment, I thought this guy was the guy I had been talking to on email. So, I walked the opposite way and went around the end of my aisle on went into the aisle he was on, and asked him if there was a restroom I could use. He said: “Yes, right this way.” He showed me to the restroom at the back of the store, and I went in. I didn’t make any effort to seem like I was going to lock the door, but it did close. Once it was closed, I dropped my b-ball shorts and got on the floor on all fours (my ass was dripping cum from my first load) and waited for him. In about 5 seconds, the door opened and it was him. He stood there for a minute and then asked if I could give him a few minutes, and to please come back out on the floor to wait for him. I did as he asked, and he motioned me over to the other side of the store (still in the back), and asked if I was looking for anything in particular. I told him that I thought we had been emailing, and he acted like he didn’t know what I was talking about, which made my cock rock hard (remember, I’m only wearing b-ball shorts and no underwear!)

He asked me if I would come with him, and agreed. He punched a few numbers into a key pad on the wall and this big stock room door opened. He asked me to follow him, and I did. We went upstairs to the back of this big room with a bunch of shelves full of products. Once we got to the back, I took his cock out of his pants, bent down and sucked it fully hard - which took about 3 seconds. I noticed he had a wedding ring, and after I asked, he told me he was married (love married cock!), which made me even harder. He asked me if I was just going to suck his cock, and said: “No, Sir… I’m going to suck your cock rock hard and then I’m going to turn around and bend over. Then, you’re going to slide that hard cock into my slutty cum whore ass and breed it full of your hot cum load.

Once he was hard, and ready to slide into my hole, it didn’t take him long until he was shooting hot jizz all over the place! It was in my ass, on my hole, on my back, in my shorts, and on the floor. After he pulled away from me, I noticed even more cum all over his cock and his hand; so, I grabbed it, sucked the cum off of his cock and hand. Then, I spit the cum into my own hand and slid my cummy fingers into my own ass so I could be sure to get all of his hot married load in my slutty whore hole.

Once we were back down stairs, I gave him my email address and said that he needed to email me again very soon so I could get that CVS load again!

-FANTASTIC work! Definitely doing shit PBCD style…. Love it!!!
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